Proudly got the third place in Jack Usephot's MattePaint Contest provided by Unhide School. Special Thanks to Wvilson Wallace, Jack and Milton Menezes! ;)
In my original sketch, the idea was to create something like Winterfell's Trees in GOT. But on the way I thought that the scene would be creepier if I chose to use symbols instead of a face in the tree, and also more original. Then I took a search about witchcraft symbols and choose those two to put in the tree as somekind of sacred ritual or something like it.
I got really inspired by the movie The Witch to get this dark atmospheric feel in my work.
Instead of using a cabin, I've decided to put a little girl into the composition hero.
So, the story behind it, it's about the girl who lost his dog in the woods, and decided to look for him alone in the cloudy late afternoon.
With all assets set: Before and after image.
Thanks for Watching!
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