Hello there! My name is João Cavalcante, Creative Retoucher from Floripa, Brazil.

Adobe Photoshop always was part of my life. Since my teenage years, putting light sabers on my hand, and on my friends hands. That time was all about that, making weird things and get fun. The time I discovered that I could make a career from it, I didn't have any doubts. I started on advertising (as many people I think) as an Art Director in São Paulo. Work in many agencies and moved to Florianópolis, were I decided to go further and more specific on what I truly love: Post-Production/Retouching/Digital Art.
And that choice make me one of the Speakers of the biggest Photoshop event on Latin America: The Photoshop Conference. It was a massive event, and I had the opportunity to pass forward to five hundred people some things I've learned on those years. That was a real gift.

If you wish to contact me, please send me an e-mail on:

Thank you! 
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